Welcome  to  the Ultramagic on line technical support area. The aim of this area is  to  keep you up to date with all the latest technical documents and parts information. The documents listed below are available for you to download and read and print using Acrobat Reader.

The  Flight  and Maintenance manuals and supplements shown here are  the  very  latest  approved  by  EASA. These may differ from  the manuals that you currently have and to those currently approved in your  own country. Please contact your Ultramagic dealer or support@ultramagic.com for confirmation on use of manuals.

The Illustrated Parts Platform (IPP) can be accessed through this link: https://shop.ultramagic.com/en. Our aim is to keep you in the air so as to enjoy your Ultramagic balloon as much as possible.

Should you have any technical queries then contact your Ultramagic dealer. Where this is not possible then contact  support@ultramagic.com.