EASA Approved Training Organisation following Part-FCL (Flight Crew License) regulation


Ultramagic have more than 30 years experience of training hot air balloon pilots. The company was one of the very first balloon training organisations ifoto_I_A_An Europe to be approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for Part-FCL.

We offer a course to obtain the European hot-air balloon license, which includes theoretical knowledge and flight instruction. You would obtain a private license up to 120 000 cu ft balloon size. This is the first step and once you are a pilot you can, if you wish, train further to obtain extensions such as those required commercial or night flight


The flight instruction includes a total of 16 hours of flight, which at least include:

– 12 hours of dual flight instruction;

– 10 inflations and 20 take-offs and landings, and

– 1 supervised solo flight with a minimum flight time of at least 30 minutes.


The lessons and the exam will be in English or Spanish.


If prefererred to do the course in an intensive format, you should allow four weeks to obtain the hot-air balloon license in order to have time to do all instruction flights, theoretical knowledge course and the examination. However, we recommend you that if possible you come twice two weeks. WhatsApp-Image-20160512


You will also require your medical certificate (Class medical 2) in Spain. We can also help arrange this for you.


The ATO is located at Igualada (Odena) airfield less than 1 hours drive from Barcelona international airport in the centre of wonderful countryside. Here you will be able learn to fly in a range of conditions and areas. Good but varied weather conditions exist most of the year to give you the necessary experience to feel confident to fly and develop your skills to the full.


You will be trained by highly qualified professional instructors with many hours experience of professional flying. These instructors have many years experience of successfully helping hundreds of pilots to realise there dream. You will also be able to meet the technical staff of the Ultramagic factory, many of whom are very experienced pilots.


We are able to arrange local inexpensive accommodation to make your training experience even more enjoyable with local restaurants close by able to offer superb inexpensive Catalan cuisine


Ultramagic ATO will make sure that your balloon training will be simple and straight forward. We also aim to make the experience very enjoyable for you – something you will remember for the rest of your life. We love to fly balloons and want to share this with you.


Contact ato@ultramagic.com if you want any further information.

We also able to offer other courses – for example instructor and maintenance courses.