In 1996 Ultramagic made a giant step forward in the world of competition ballooning. The Racer was born. This was the first time that a balloon had been designed, developed and produced especially for the demanding requirements of balloon competition. It was designed in close collaboration with Uwe Schneider a world top class competitor. 


In recent years we have worked on a second generation of the Ultramagic Racer, focusing on satisfying the current needs of competition pilots. Pilots require that the balloon can sustain faster ascent/descent rates without compromising safety, which has always been one of our priorities.  In addition, competition tasks demand more and more that pilots are attentive to flight instruments/computers.


Performance, Safety and A Great Shape

The MZ Racer by Ultramagic.


With this in mind, in 2023 we have launched the MZ Racer, a new enhanced design that has been developed with Stefan Zeberli, who won the last World Championship flying with the first prototype.


The main characteristics highlighted by the pilots:

   – Good combination of performance, stability and predictability

   – Consistent performance when climbing and descending

   – Very safe and stable at high vertical speed rates


Where the MZ Racer is different to a formula 1 car is that it can be enjoyed by experienced competition pilots as well as those who want to learn to compete or just fly for fun.