The perfect choice for professional passenger ride operators.

This world leading multi gore large balloon design is the first choice of many of the world’s largest and successful passenger balloon ride operators. With 28 or 32 gore this series offers maximum strength and safety whilst also offering a smooth surface ideally suitable to sponsorship or advertising the ride operation details.

These envelopes are de1729h3signed and rigged to match with our ergonomically designed partitioned baskets.  Rotation vents and fast deflationsystem (FDS) are fitted as standard. The rotation vent area is made with Ultralast fabric as standard as are the parachute and top three panels. These envelopN_modeles are generally ordered with Ultralast top half option due to the extended envelope life that this offers. All other options are also available.

Whether your ride operation is in a bush or desert area or a high population city outskirts venue, the Ultramagic N series is the ultimate ride balloon to meet all of your requirements.Taula_N