a) Theme: photographs of Hot Air Balloons consisting of at least one balloon of any size or a balloon component part i.e. envelope, burner, basket…

b) The major part of the balloon or equipment photograph must be an Ultramagic product.

c) On the 20th of each month, commencing in January, a winner will be chosen that is seen to be the best quality photograph entered that month. During the month of October 3 pictures will be chosen to cover the period to the end of the year to ensure that the calendar production deadline is met.

d) The maximum accepted file size is 2Mb in horizontal format of 4×3. The picture must be sent exclusively to this email address: contest@ultramagic.com. Once notified of being selected, the month’s winner must additionally supply a copy of printing quality to Ultramagic between the 20 and 25th of the current month.

e) Entry dates run from the 20th of one month to the next. An e-mail will be sent to the winning author within 2 days of the closing day and the photograph will be published on the web the 1st of the following month.

f) At the end of the year a calendar will be published in size 30x40cm using the 12 selected photographs.

g) Authorization for publishing the photograph on the web and in the calendar is required from each entrant to the contest for the entry to be valid. All published photographs will include the name of the author.

h) Each month’s winner will receive a balloon flight (place and date to be agreed with Ultramagic) or alternatively an Ultramagic equipment pack and 10 calendars.

i) Photographs not selected each month are carried forward to participate the following month, unless expressly withdrawn by the author.

j) If at any month no winner is declared, a photograph from Ultramagic files will be selected.

k) The monthly selected photographs may be interchanged in the calendar to allow better adaptation to suit the seasons.