Ultramagic Tekno 50

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Ultramagic Tekno 50 – The ultimate light weight travel pack balloon system.

Whether you travel a lot and need a light weight easy pack balloon or you just need a balloon that is easy to handle with minimum crew. The "Tekno 50" has been designed to meet all of your requirements and more.

The super light weight 50,000 cu ft "Tekno 50" envelope weights less than 50Kg including bag. This 16 gore 8 wire easy to inflate envelope packs down into a bag no larger than that normaly used for a 31! Made complete with Ultralite fabric the envelope uses the latest light weight kevlar® load tapes as well as a number of other innovative weight saving materials.

The fold down Tekno basket weights in at less than 35Kg and is capable of flying two people with a range of cylinder configuration.


The side walls are made of a combination of durable Cordura covers filled with light weight composite materials giving a firm feeling of security whilst also being able to fold down into a very compact package.

The Burner witch compliments the "Tekno 50" package is the hugely successful and innovative Powerplus single designed by Paolo Bonanno and developed in conjunction with Ultramagic.
      The burner is fitted into a small lighter frame and folds flat to fit neatly into a padded travel bag.

The "Tekno 50" is in the final stages of certification and advance orders are now being accepted. Prices have been set so as to make this superb balloon very affordable as an extra system to be added to a discerning pilot’s stable of balloons. It is also an ideal starter package for new pilots who may not wish to invest in expensive retrieve vehicles or trailers.

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