Ultramagic Friendship Balloon update

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

Ultramagic Friendship Balloon update

Now flown more than 200 flights with 200 different pilots!

Since the last update report 6 months ago more than an additional 100 pilots have flown the Ultramagic Friendship Balloon taking the total at 3 February to 203.

This means that 203 separate flights by 203 pilots have been made in just over 18 months. This is already probably a world record but the balloon will still fly on for at least 18 months more!

The last 103 flights have all been made in North America. The project has been a great success in USA, look at the map to see the itinerary! Thanks a lot Logan Bedford for all your help in the coordination in the USA. Thanks also to Sebastien Pouparte in Canada.
The Friendship Balloon will be shipped out to Europe in two weeks to continue the world tour. We will update again at 300 pilots!
The Ultramagic Friendship Balloon is a light weight Tekno travel pack system. The tour so far has been intensive and inspection indicates that this system can withstand the use of numerous pilots over a short period. We invite more pilots to be part of the Friendship Balloon team. Check out the website how to be involved. Also if you want to help fund the charity project please visit