Ultramagic Friendship Balloon first flight

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Ultramagic Friendship Balloon first flight

Photo by Susanna Saez –  
The Ultramagic Friendship Balloon had the first flight as planned on the morning of Saturday 13 July at the press launch event of the Igualada European Balloon Festival. Carles Lladó-Costa was the pilot and then it was flown by other pilots during the event. Josep Lladó-Costa will be the final pilot in 4 years time!
Photo by Susanna Saez –  
The balloon was the star of the festival and looked magnificent in the glow.


Photo by Sebas Fernández


The adventure of this balloon has now begun!


This project is the development of the Ultramagic International Innovation Awards project section winner Andrew Holly from the UK. The prize winner Andrew is a very experienced international balloon pilot who also operates his own international ballooning organisation.
The aim of the “Friendship Balloon” project is to develop worldwide friendship through ballooning uniting pilots and balloon followers of all nationalities in a common goal and interest whilst raising a large sum of money for a nominated international charity organisation.
The special light weight Tekno 70 travel pack “Friendship Balloon” will travel the world visiting as many countries as possible but with a different invited pilot on every flight.
Over a four year period 300 to 400 flights around the world are planned with the amazing achievement of never being flown by the same pilot twice – thus becoming a world record!
Pilots will soon be invited to fly the balloon by entering a request on the Ultramagic Friendship Balloon website: