Ultramagic Flightpack – Now also available for IPAD and IPHONE

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This is a Mobile Application with many different tools integrated. It has been developed from an initial concept of Ultramagic Innovation Awards winner Han Nabben.

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Main Features:

• GPS track with different colors depending on the altitude. This helps identify the winds layers.
• Your crew will see your track in real-time in the webpage
• See other pilots tracks in real-time while you fly. Their tracks colors will indicate their winds.
• Free maps worldwide (OSM) for offline use during flight. Google Maps is also available.
• Optimized for low power. You can turn off your screen while your flight is being recorded (the last screen shown needs to be the app).
• Auto landing detection if you forget to stop the track.
• Start recording before you start flying. Track can be automatically trimmed to obtain reliable flight duration data.
• KML overlays can be used to map out electric lines, Prohibited Zones (PZs), targets… You can create them with Google Earth.
• Vertical velocity and precise altitude for devices with barometer (iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPad Air 2).
• Weather map with forecast and wind status at different altitudes.
•Share your track easily in Facebook, Twitter…
• Load calculator with user defined balloons.
• Includes all Ultramagic manuals.
• All integrated in a flight logbook with search capabilities. Database can be exported in Excel compatible format. All your data can be transferred and backed up with iTunes.
*Requires iOS 8 and GPS capable devices.

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