Ultramagic first in Taiwan

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Ultramagic el primer a Taiwan

Ultramagic recently delivered and commissioned the first officially registered and certified hot air balloons to Taiwan. The balloons were ordered by the county government of Taitung. Taitung is a picturesque province of Taiwan being a tourist venue in an area of mountains and outstanding natural beauty. The balloons were commissioned just before the opening of the Taitung Taiwan Balloon Fiesta by Josep Maria and Montserrat Llado. Josep Maria and Montserrat then took part in the festival for a number of days both in these balloons and also flying the Ultramagic Tekno demonstrator.

Test inflation of Taitung balloons at the Ultramagic Factory in Igualada.

County Governor of Taitung Justin Huang and Taiwanese Pilot Jessica Wu flying with Josep Llado on the inauguration flight of one of the new Ultramagic balloons.

Ultramagic balloons are now fully type certified in Taiwan, the first balloons to be so. The first two balloons delivered are an Ultramagic M105 and M 120. Five new young pilots have been recently trained for operation of these balloons in Taiwan. These being Jessica Wu, Clark Yeh, Yu-Ju Shu, Martin Lin and Scofied Wu.
We welcome them to the Worldwide Ultramagic Team!

A number of international pilots from around the world were taking part in this event. It is an ongoing Fiesta which will have pilots attending at various stages throughout the summer culminating in the final farewell ceremony at the beginning of September.

A view of the launch field and surrounding area with Aly Dunnington flying G-BWKW

We wish the Fiesta the greatest success and hope that many more new pilots are able to enjoy the sport of ballooning in this part of the world in the future.