The world’s largest flag

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

The world’s largest flag at Barcelona Stadium designed and manufactured by Ultramagic Balloons.

The Guinness World Record for the largest flag was broken recently at Barcelona Football Stadium when a huge Catalan flag was unfurled before the start of the Gamper Trophy football match between Milan and Barcelona.

The flag, which was designed and manufactured by Ultramagic Balloons, measured 113 metres by 116 metres and weighed in at 1500Kg!

The flag was made from 72 yellow and red stripes 116 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and was the equivalent to 13 times the size of an average hot air balloon envelope. It was fitted with special reinforcing and handling points for the cables as well as vents to allow the wind to pass through. The flag was fitted with 11 steel cables.

After a dress rehearsal the flag then had to be unpacked, displayed and removed in only a ten-minute period before the match started at the Nou Camp Stadium in front of a capacity crowd of 98.000 people. Over 80 volunteers were responsible for packing and removing the flag after the display.

At 13.108 m² the Catalan flag becomes the new Guinness World Record holder beating the previous record held by the USA flag “Super Flag” built in 1992, which was 12.012 m².

Ultramagic Balloons are proud to have built this flag and to have been involved with this project.

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