The Ultramagic International Innovation Awards

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The Ultramagic International Innovation Awards

Ultramagic are pleased to announce that The Ultramagic International Innovation Awards Contest is now open. Full details and rules can be found on the website

The contest gives everyone the chance to make their mark in the ballooning industry whilst also having the opportunity of winning large prizes.

Ultramagic encourages everyone to enter with their ideas to improve balloons and ballooning.

The total prize money is 52,000 Euros covering three categories as follows.

  • Category A – Technological innovation


  • Category B – Ecology & balloons


  • Category C – Ultramagic & ballooning

Each category has a top prize of 10,000 Euros and there is also a special prize of 10,000 Euros giving the chance to win a total of up to 20,000 Euros. Each finalist is guaranteed to win 1,000 Euros.

The contest is open to all (subject to the rules). Good luck to everyone from Ultramagic Balloons.


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