Saga Japan 2012 – 28th Pacific Cup

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Saga Japan 2012 – 28th Pacific Cup 

Ultramagic Racer Pilots take all 3 podium positions again!

6 out of top 10 positions won by pilots flying Ultramagic Racers!

Congratulations from the worldwide ULTRAMAGIC team to Yudai Fujita from Japan on coming first and winning the 28th Pacific Cup held in Saga Japan between 30th October and 4th November 2012.  Congratulations also to Hirosugu Sakaguchi from Japan on taking second place and to Yoshimi Kodama from Japan on taking 3rd place.

All three pilots won flying their Ultramagic Racers as were also a further 3 pilots in the top ten places with Tetsuhiro Sue taking fourth position. 

It was a superb result for the World Wide Ultramagic Team. Well done everyone especially the pilots in the top 10!

Saga International Balloon Fiesta 2012

Yellow shows pilots flying Ultramagic balloons

1  Y. Fujita 12.277
2 H. Sakaguchi 11.019
3 Y. Kodama 10.836
4 T. sue 10.602
5 M. Endo 10.565
6 M. Kawaguchi 10.466
7 Y. Mizukami 10.336
8 H. Miyata 10.317
9 Y. Masumoto 9.636
10 C. Williams 9.323
1st Yudai Fujita   2nd Hirosugu Sakaguchi   3rd Yoshimi Kodama   4th Tetsuhiro Sue

Congratulations to Yudai Fujita, Hirosugu Sakaguchi, Yoshimi Kodama and Tetsuhiro Sue!

Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team!

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