Lithuanian National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2010

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Lithuanian National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2010. Congratulations from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team.

Congratulations from the worldwide Ultramagic team to Rimas Kostiuskevicius on coming first and winning the 18th Lithuanian National Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Pociunai, Lithuania between May 13 and May 15.

Rimas won flying his yellow and black Ultramagic Racer LY-OCH.
There were 14 tasks in this very competitive event. The total number of competitors was 32 pilots, including 6 pilots from Latvia, Russia, Czech Republic and Germany. There was also a nomination and prize for the best young pilot and the best woman pilot.
The first amongst the youngest pilots in ninth position overall was Rokas Kostiuskevicius. Rokas took this position and won the first young pilot position flying the Ultramagic Racer Omnitel LY-OMN. Congratulations Rokas by following in the family tradition.


The first position woman pilot taking eighth position overall was Daiva Rakauskaite. Daiva took this position becoming the highest placed woman pilot flying the light and dark blue Ultramagic Racer LY-LTU. Congratulations Daiva on a fantastic result.

Congratulations to all three for a superb result.

Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team.

Ultramagic racer – The Choice of Champions.
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Rank Pilot Country Total
1 13 Kostiuskevicius, Rimas Lithuania 10474
2 6 Mockaitis, Gintautas Lithuania 10373
3 20 Machnorylov, Valerij Lithuania 10040
4 30 Latypov, Sergej Russia 9711
5 8 Linek, David Czeck Rep. 9550
6 5 Olevsonas, Tomas Lithuania 9536
7 16 Sviderskis, Vytautas Lithuania 9199
8 7 Rakauskaite, Daiva Lithuania 9105
9 24 Kostiuskevicius, Rokas Lithuania 8879
10 21 Kazlauskas, Zydrunas Lithuania 8705