Kilimanjaro Expedition 2011

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

"5 balloons successfully cross Kilimanjaro at frist attempt"

“5 balloons fly safely over Mount Kilimanjaro 30 August 2011. All team participants safe and sound. A fantastic experience for all of the teams both in the air and on the ground. In most cases the balloons were met by their teams in their 4 x 4 trucks within a short time of landing. Quite an achievement when you look at the track, terrain and the distances involved. It was also a special moment for many local people who had never seen a hot air balloon before.”

In all, 5 of the 7 balloons that launched, flew over the summit and landed in a safe area. One team balloon also had an amazing flight having full view of Kilimanjaro but not eventually making the full crossing and landed safely to the North East. A seventh team balloon was forced to land high up the mountain at 16,000 ft. This resulted in a new story requiring rescue of the team and a flight off the mountain over the summit on a later date.
Download the pdf  here  for the full story of the complete Africa adventure.

You can also check out the blog link – and read the story as it happened as well as seeing the flight tracks.

Also you can find a short video in youtube at

Each team had its own tale to tell. Too much to write it all hear. Let the photographs and the links do the talking. Here are just a few amazing photographs as well as some tracks. They only show just a small number of the pilots involved.