Japanese National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2009

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Japanese Hot Air Balloon Championship 2009. Congratulations from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team.

Congratulations from the worldwide Ultramagic team to Yoshihiro Masumoto on coming first and winning the 2009 Japanese National Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Saga between 30th October and 3rd November. Yoshihiro won flying his Super Hornet Ultramagic Racer.

Congratulations also to Minoru Numata  who came second flying his Ultramagic MV65 Racer Leasepia. A special mention also to Yuudai Fujita who came 7th and Tetsuhiro Sue who came 10th. Yuudai and Tetsuhiro were both flying Ultramagic Racers.

Number Competitor Points
1 MASUMOTO Yoshihiro 7829
2 NUMATA Minoru 7719
3 SENJYU Isamu 7644
4 TAKASHIMA Takumi 7398
5 MIZUKAMI Takao 7159
6 TSUJII Nobuaki 7132
7 FUJITA Yuudai 6965
8 UEDA Satoshi 6772
9 MASAKI Fumitaro 6661
10 SUE Tetsuhiro 6613

Congratulations to Yoshihiro Masumoto for a great result! Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team.

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