It’s official! – new world records ratified

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

It’s official! Three more world records now ratified for pilots flying Ultramagic balloons.

Congratulations again from the worldwide Ultramagic team to Mark and Pierrick on breaking world records in distance and duration. Thank you for placing your trust in Ultramagic Balloons.

FAI has ratified the following Class A (Free balloons) World records:

Claim number: 15697
Size category: AX-02 (Hot-air balloons: 250 to 400 m³)
Category: General
Type of record: Distance
Course / location: Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire (UK)
Performance: 182.34 km
Pilot: Mark SHEMILT (United Kingdom)
Balloon: V-14 / Ultra Magic
Date: 02.01.2010
Previous record: 138.01 km (16.02.1997 – Oscar LINDSTRÖM, Sweden)
Claim number: 15834 / 15835
Size category: AX-06 / AX-07 (Hot-air balloons: 1200 to 2 200 m³)
Category: General
Type of record: Duration
Course / location: La Chaux-du-Milieu (Switzerland) – Charleville-Mézières (France)
Performance: 27 h 41 min 20 sec
Pilot: Pierrick DUVOISIN (Switzerland)
Balloon: M56-XP / Ultra Magic
Date: 17.02.2010
Previous record AX-06: 23h 55 min 51 sec (13.12.2000 – John A. CAYTON, USA)
Previous record AX-07: 24h 11 min 54 sec (17.01.1984 – John R. PETREHN, USA)
FAI congratulates the Pilots on these splendid achievements.

Pierrick Duvoisin broke the AX6 and AX7 world duration records on the 17th February 2010 by flying 27 Hours 41 Minutes.
Flying his Ultramagic AX6 56,000 cubic foot envelope, Pierrick broke the previous AX7 (77,000 cu ft) record by nearly 3 hours.

Breaking this record that had stood for more than 16 years was a fantastic achievement – Even more of an achievement to break the record flying a much smaller balloon!

Pierrick made this tremendous flight using his Ultramagic M-56 specially produced for him by Ultramagic out of AEROFABRIX®  insulated fabric.

Mark Shemilt broke the AX2 world distance record on the 2nd January 2010 by flying 182.34 km.

This broke the previous record by more than 44 km. What a superb achievement in an envelope of only 14,000 cubic feet!

Mark made this tremendous flight using his Ultramagic V-14 specially produced for him by Ultramagic out of AEROFABRIX®  insulated fabric.



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