Italian National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014

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Italian National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2014

Congratulations from the Worlwide Ultramagic Team.

Congratulations from the worldwide ULTRAMAGIC team to Federico Miceli on winning the 2014 Italian National Hot Air Balloon Championship. Federico made a convincing win in this, his first national competition. Nobody before had won like this in their first debut competition!

Federico won flying the St Michael Ultramagic Racer 77  F- HCSM


The competition was held in Mondovi between the 24th and 28th September. There were 19 tasks completed in 6 flights.  .


Federico is the grandson of Nello Charbonnier. In second and third place were, the children of Nello, Diego and Igor Charbonnier: the latter (three-time Italian champion) was also awarded the "Memorial Lorraine Morlini". Excellent fourth place for Paolo Oggioni who also had on his shoulders all the effort of the organization of the championship. Giovanni Aimo took fifth place.


  Congratulations to Federico for a great result!

  Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team
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