French National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011

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French National Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011

Congratulations from the worldwide ULTRAMAGIC team to Stéphane Bolze on coming first and winning the 2011 French National Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Paray le Monial between 23rd and 27th August 2011.  This is now the 6th time that Stéphane will have been the French Champion! This is the first time this has been done and now sets a new record. Congratulations also to Nicolas Schwartz on taking 3rd place. Both Stéphane and Nicolas were flying their Ultramagic Racers Primagaz and St Michel.

Primagaz Ultramagic Racer of Stéphane Bolze
St Michel Ultramagic Racer of Nicolas Schwartz


A special note should also be made of the following who were also flying Ultramagic Racers. This makes 5 Ultramagic Racer pilots in the top 7 places. 5th place Michel Gouinguené, 6th place Patrick Legendre, 7th place François Messines. Congratulations to all for a fantastic achievement!


Congratulations to Stéphane and Nicolas for a great result !

Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team

Ultramagic racer – The Choice of Champions
When the results must speak for themselves
When only the best will d
“ The Racer” – the original – only by Ultramagic.