Finish the Ultramagic International Innovation Awards

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

Ultramagic International Innovation Awards Contest is now finished

The Ultramagic International Innovation Awards Contest has now reached its conclusion with the awards ceremony taking place on Saturday 24th November at a grand gala evening in Igualada

14 of the 15 finalists attended the awards ceremony. Winning prizes of 10,000 euros and a winner’s trophy were awarded as follows based on the final jury decisions.

Winner Category A – Technical Innovation   – Richard Penny (UK)- Magic Power Line Detector

Winner Category C-
Ultramagic and Ballooning – Andrew Holly (UK) – Ultramagic Friendship Balloon Project.

Winner  – Special Prize – Johan Nabben (Holland) – Ultramagic Balloonist Workbench Application for Ipad and Android Tablets.

The Jury decided not to propose a winner for Category B – Ecology and Balloons. This prize is being held over to support future projects that make stronger based innovations or improvements relating to Ecology.

The remaining finalists each received a finalist trophy and a prize of 1.000 €


We take this opportunity  to welcome you all to the “Worldwide Ultramagic Team”.   We now plan to develop the concept further with our new website  Ultramagic Ideas  – dedicated  to establishing and promoting Ultramagic innovations and new ideas. We hope to have more contact with you over the coming months and we welcome your continued involvement.