European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011

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European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2011

Ultramagic Racer Pilots take all podium positions!

Congratulations from the worldwide ULTRAMAGIC team to Stefan Zeberli from Switzerland on coming first and winning the 2011 European Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Lleida between 15th and 23rd September 2011.  This is now the 2nd consecutive time that Stefan has won the European Championship. Congratulations also to Ivan Ayala from Spain on taking second place. Ivan has now equaled the best ever European Championship result for Spain. Congratulations to David Bareford from the UK on taking 3rd place. David competed after his recent success at becoming the British Champion for the 9th time.


Stefan, Ivan and David were all flying their spiral design Ultramagic Racers as was also Uwe Schneider  from Germany who should also be congratulated on taking 5th position.

There were 77 entrants in the competition. 7 flights took place with 24 tasks and overall flying standards were very high. The average score per task for Stefan was 864 points, Ivan 822 points and David 800 points. This was truly a great competition. 

With 4 out of the top 5 pilots and 14 pilots of the top 30 positions flying Ultramagic Racers, it was also a superb result for the World Wide Ultramagic Team. Well done everyone!

We leave a link to a Youtube video, of the last day of the championship, you can see some good drops and a double cannon of Iván Ayala marker 




1                   1 – Stefan Zeberli (SUI) 20.745
2                 64 – Iván Ayala (ESP) 19.729
3                 79 – David Bareford (GBR)  19.203
4                 12 – Petr Kubicek (CZH)  17.315
5                 27 – Uwe Schneider (GER)  16.977
6                 21 – Guy Cinquin (FRA)  16.967
7                 53 – Sergey Latypov (RUS)  16.574
8                 15 – Christoffer Mundt (DEN) 16.157
9                 42 – Vytautas Sviderskis (LIT)  16.090
10                   3 – Richard Parry (UK)  16.053

UM Racer
of Stefan Zeberli
UM Racer
of Ivan Ayala
UM Racer
of David Bareford
UM Racer
of Uwe Schneider

Congratulations to Stéfan, Ivan, David and Uwe for a great result !

Well done to all competitors from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team

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