Ecorace 2018

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From February 7th to 12th, 2018, we will participate in the 2nd EcoRace, the ecomagic balloon race that, this year, will be held in the city of Puigcerdà.

Puigcerda 2nd ecorace – Ultramagic ecoballoon ecomagic

It is a resistance competition, where it wins who can travel the longest distance with a limited amount of fuel. In fact, the ecological balloons are based precisely on this premise: energy efficiency.
In 2017, the first of these races was held, organized by the Balloon Concept association in his city, Neuchâtel (Switzerland). There were 7 balloons, all manufactured by Ultramagic. The winner was the team formed by the pilots Josep Maria Lladó, Paolo Bonano and Alain Crustanchi.

Team Ultramagic Ecorace 2017 – ecoballon ecomagic