Congratulations to pilots Stefan & Heinz Wälchli

Published on World Wide Ultramagic Team

Congratulations to Swiss pilots Stefan & Heinz Wälchli on making an amazing night flight.

We are pleased to announce that Stefan and Heinz recently made a winter night flight of nearly 15 hours. They made this tremendous flight using the Aconcagua Ultramagic N-180 specially produced by Ultramagic out of AEROFABRIX® insulated fabric. This is the same balloon that earlier in the year was flown by Josep Lladó and Uwe Schneider over the Aconcagua Mountain in the Andes.

Congratulation Stefan and Heinz from the World Wide Ultramagic Team on a fantastic achievement.

See below details of this amazing night flight at high altitude where the average fuel consumption was only 18.4 kg/hr!

AEROFABRIX® insulated fabric is available exclusively from Ultramagic and can be supplied in a range of envelope options.

See also the news item on "Ecomagic! The worlds most fuel efficient Hot Air Balloons".

Takeoff (Location/Date/Time):       Bern (Switzerland) / 19.11.2010 / 15:52 UTC
Takeoff (Location/Date/Time):       Augsburg (Germany) / 20.11.2010 / 06:32 UTC
Duration (Total/Flight):       14:40h
Crew:       2 pilots, Stefan & Heinz Wälchli (Switzerland)
Envelope:       Ultramagic N-180 EcoMagic Aconcagua 5100 m³
Burner:       Ultramagic BMK-050 Powerplus Maxi Double
Cylinders on board:       4 x 40 kg  +  6 x 30 kg
Takeoff Mass (Propane Mass):       1232 kg (340 kg)
Landing Mass (Propane Mass):       956 kg (64 kg)
Actual consumption:       18.4 kg/h
Takeoff elevation:       445 m AMSL
Landing elevation:       481 m AMSL
Maximum flight altitude:       3277 m AMSL
Lineal distance covered:       302 km

  EC-LDV inflated with HB-QOK
Heinz Stefan
Track Altimeter and vario record