Championship and Horber Neckar Balloon Cup 2018

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Championship and Horber Neckar Balloon Cup 2018

The Deutsche Meisterschaft und HNBC 2018, was carried out from 26th to 30th July 2018, in the ville of Horb am Neckar, near of the border with France. 35 pilots from different countries taken part on the championship.

This competition was divided on two categories: the Horber Neckar Balloon Cup, for all the competitors, and the German Championship, exclusive for national pilots. The race was based on 6 flights and 22 tasks.

The winners was:

· For the Horber Neckar Balloon Cup:

1- Stefan Zeberli (Switzerland)

2- Mathew Scaife (Australia)

3- Roman Hugi (Switzerland)

· For the German Championship:

1- Sven Göhler

2- Uwe Schneider

3- Benedict Munz

The winner of the competition, Stefan Zeberli, was piloted an Ultramagic Racer balloon, in the same way that the second german classified, Uwe Schneider.