2007 European championship

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Ultramagic Racer pilots yet again take top 3 positions. Congratulations to François Messines, Uwe Schneider and Markus Pieper from the Worldwide Ultramagic Team.

Congratulations from the worldwide Ultramagic team to François Messines from France on coming first and winning the 2007 European championship held in Magdeburg, Germany between the 16th and 23rd August. This win followed closely him coming second in the French national championship only a matter days before the European championship began!

Congratulations also to Uwe Schneider and Markus Pieper of Germany on taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively. All three pilots competed flying Ultramagic Racers!

2nd: Uwe Schneider 1st: François Messines 3rd: Markus Pieper
A special mention also to Rimas Kostiuskevicius who finished in 9th place who was also flying his Ultramagic Racer. Thank you all for placing you trust yet again in Ultramagic.

79 pilots took part in this strongly contested 15th European championship completing 20 tasks. Here are the top 10 positions:

15th European Championship 2007
Position Name Country Points
1 MESSINES, François France 15161
2 SCHNEIDER, Uwe Germany 14613
3 PIEPER, Markus Germany 14260
4 SORN, Avi Slavko Slovenia 14242
5 OLSSON, Peter Sweden 13971
6 HOWARD, Mike United Kingdom 13761
7 MOCKAITIS, Gintautas Lithuania 13694
8 MEDVEDSKIY, Alexey Russia 13646
9 KOSCIUSKEVICIUS, Rimas Lithuania 13494
10 MACHNORYLOV, Valerij Lithuania 13413
Well done everybody, but a special congratulation to François, Uwe, Markus and Rimas!